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Mobile networks call for 5G security inspector15/02/2019
 The mobile network industry has called for a new security testing scheme to check 5G equipment. 
Ad code 'slows down' browsing speeds15/02/2019
 The code putting ads on webpages can stop pages loading by seconds, finds analysis of millions of sites. 
What is Article 13? The EU's copyright directive explained14/02/2019
 The final version of the new EU copyright law is agreed after three days of talks in France. 
PewDiePie: Roblox lifts ban after social media backlash15/02/2019
 Online multiplayer game Roblox has reinstated PewDiePie after banning the YouTuber for using his name. 
Tilly Lockey: 'I can paint with my bionic arms'15/02/2019
 Tilly Lockey, 13, has bionic arms that are so sophisticated she can now use a paintbrush and apply make-up. 
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